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This page lists all names mentioned in articles referencing Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates relating to Green Energy. For a complete overview of this entry's activities relating to this topic, please see the Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates Location DB Profile.

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Rashid Al Maktoum   7.41% (127)
Barack Obama   6.30% (108)
Samuel Higgins   4.78% (82)
Burj Khalifa   3.27% (56)
Hillary Clinton   3.15% (54)
Saeed Mohammed Al   3.03% (52)
Zayed Al Nahyan   2.97% (51)
Al Gore   2.57% (44)
Latin America   2.45% (42)
Sam Higgins   2.27% (39)
John Mccain   2.16% (37)
Al Qaeda   1.98% (34)
Asif Ali Zardari   1.87% (32)
George W Bush   1.81% (31)
Felipe Calderon   1.81% (31)
Carol Browner   1.75% (30)
Alan Greenspan   1.75% (30)
Goldman Sachs   1.75% (30)
Mahmoud Abbas   1.75% (30)
Prabissh Thomas   1.69% (29)
Obama A   1.69% (29)
Johann Hari   1.69% (29)
George Mitchell   1.63% (28)
Luis V Gutierrez   1.63% (28)
Nawaz Sharif   1.63% (28)
Anita Mathews   1.63% (28)
Rigoberto Padilla   1.63% (28)
Kevin Rudd   1.63% (28)
Arturo Beltran Leyva   1.63% (28)
Bob Herbert   1.63% (28)
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